Easy FireFox tips and tricks

tuenhai.com 2018-12-07

Extension: StartPage.com — Private Search Engine

Take back your online privacy by using StartPage as your search engine

Extension: Grammarly for Firefox

Extension: Multithreaded Download Manager

Download manager with multithreaded support

Extension: Simple Translate

Ctrl + B to translate selected text

Extension: Talkie

Shift + Alt + A to read text selection out loud

How can I disable allow Notification prompts

  • type in the address bar: about:config
  • search dom.webnotifications.enabled and set its value to false

Make Match Case unchecked by default when find string in page

  • Enter about:config in the address bar and press Enter
  • type casesensitive
  • Double click on the entry accessibility.typeaheadfind.casesensitive, change the number to 0
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