Email hosting with my own domain name for free 2018 2018-12-10

How about hosting Email using own domin with ZOHO

In the past, ZOHO is the best free Email hosting provider, but now the POP/IMAP features will not be available in the free mail hosting plan

How about host your own domain email with yandex

Can I trust Yandex mail? probably not

I was trying to verify MX records in yandex, but it keeps on throwing me "MX record not found", its user experience is very bad

Finally, I found

Why Hosting your own domaon Email with 25mail

Free plan: 1 mailbox; up to 500MB of storage; up to 200 sent emails; and up to 2,000 forwarded emails

No extra charge for extra email addresses (cf. mailboxes) or domains

Signup for your 25 Mail St

Wait for Email notification after create account

Active your account

Log in:

Active your account

Set up DNS

  • MX Record

  • SPF TXT Record

    "v=spf1 a mx ~all"

  • DKIM TXT Record

    To verify the DKIM entry run:

    dig +short -t TXT

Add Mail box

For example:


Add alias box

alias: *

Email client settings (Claws Mail)

  • Basic

    • Mail address:
    • Server for receiving:
    • SMTP server (send):
    • User ID:
    • Password:
  • Receive

    • Authentication method: LOGIN
  • Send

    • SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH) checked
      • Authentication methon: LOGIN
  • SSL

    • IMAP4: Use STARTSSL checked
    • Send (SMTP): Use STARTSSL checked
  • Advanced

    • SMTP Port: 587, 25 or 2525
    • IMAP4 Port: 143 (993 for SSL)
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